Frequently Asked Question

FAQ for Dr.Spraycial:

1. What is the raw material used in the production of Dr.Spraycial?
A: Dr.Spraycial is produced from deep sea water.

2. What are the functions of Dr.Spraycial?
A: Dr.Spraycial functions to eradicate the germs, it can be used on body parts from the head to toe where there is bacterial and
viral infections. When Dr.Spraycial is sprayed on pathogens that causes diseases such as fungus, fungi, certain viruses and
bacteria, it will eradicate immediately.

3. Why Dr. Spraycial has disinfecting function?
A: This is because; deep sea water has concentrated ionized zinc, manganese, iron, magnesium, copper, sodium, and high amount of
sulfur: controlling the pH value of mineral salts that can eradicate germs. Mineral salts from deep sea water have osmotic
pressure change, which can destroy pathogen cells, protoplasm bacteria and nuclear proteins easily. Disinfection is the basis
for mineral salts.

4. Does Dr.Spraycial have side effects?
A: The raw material for Dr.Spraycial is obtained from natural deep sea water and has no side effects. Dr.Spraycial also has no
added preservatives, alcohol and other chemicals.

5. Who can use Dr.Spraycial?
A: It can be used by all ages, it can be used continuously.